Floorball Blade OXDOG Avox
Floorball Blade OXDOG Avox
Floorball Blade OXDOG Avox
Floorball Blade OXDOG Avox
Floorball Blade OXDOG Avox

Floorball Blade OXDOG Avox


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Oxdog Avox is a floorball blade developed for shooting!

Avox has a structure with longitudinal, transverse and oblique ribs. This solution causes the entire blade to become very torsional stiff and you experience the blade as hard. To insert another bunch of ribs, they oblique, without affecting the blade's weight, are very nice work by Oxdog.

Avox is Oxdog's blade with the largest cavity with a lightly asymmetric ball run. The cavity begins at the heel and then runs a bit obliquely towards the tip of the blade. Avox also has an obvious under hook. The blade is prehooked with a light rounding from the heel which on the last third of the blade bends in towards the forehand side. However, the tip of the blade is retracted at the top and straightens out.

At the blade tip, the blade rim is stretched slightly towards the forehand side to get a better ball control at the blade tip. The back hand side is surprisingly smooth considering the cavity and the pre-hook. But of course, it will not be straight, but bend off in a bow to the forehand side.

The heel is reinforced, both with many ribs but also filled holes. It makes the heel very stable and allows your shot force to continue down through the blade to the ball. Oxdog Avox is a blade made for shots, especially good for wrist shots.

Brand: Oxdog
Model: Avox
Season: 2016
Blade Neck Inner Diameter: 18.5mm
Cavity: 9.5mm
IFF Approved: Yes
No. of Screws: 2
Screw Mounting: Forehand and Backhand
Screw Type: Star
Weight: 74g